“Imagine you are floating

in an ocean of serenity, an ocean of possibilities...

“If you want to make your dreams come true,

the first thing you have to do is wake up.”

J.M Power 




Cate, Melbourne

My name is Cate and I visited Audrey in 2013 for hypnotherapy sessions. I was depressed and felt trapped by my dire financial situation, with the great difficulty I was experiencing coping with a job that I absolutely hated and living in a situation that was less than ideal.

I must confess, I was a complete sceptic, but decided to approach the appointments with an open mind and heart. The sessions primarily focused on discussion with Audrey about what my hopes were for the  future.

We discussed, in detail, what, in my wildest dreams, I wished for.
I expressed that I wanted to resign from my job, leave Sydney, move to Melbourne to be with my extended family and not have any major money issues. Our subsequent sessions were based around the possibilities of this actual happening. At the end of my treatment I was not sure if I had been a good subject and was almost certain nothing would change. 

Fast forward to February 2016. I was the beneficiary of a small inheritance. I resigned from my job of 22 years, moved to Melbourne in March 2016.  I have never been happier. It was like coming home.
I believe my sessions with Audrey were instrumental in allaying my incredible and crippling fears, and, when my situation changed for the better, enabled me to move forward with confidence and uncharacteristic certainty. 
I highly and unreservedly recommend Audrey to anyone who feels ‘stuck’ and looking for direction, focus and courage.


Cec, Sydney

I’ve been transformed by my hypnotherapy and NLP sessions with Audrey. I came to see her feeling overwhelmed and demotivated by the demands of work and life in general.

After my first session I felt calmer, more positive and better able to cope with situations that would normally have resulted in an angry and resentful response. Thanks to Audrey I have a renewed sense of strength and tranquility and can more easily deal with the challenges I face.


Lynne, Bondi. Sydney

After two years of intense training I was ready to undertake my ambition of entering Ironman. I had successfully completed three half Ironman races in the past 12 months and it was now time to do the full.

To say I was nervous is an understatement. I doubted my capability and didn’t think I would be able to finish this gruelling challenge.

The voices in my head were taking over and I was getting less and less confident.

That’s when I was recommended to Audrey. She used her Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to take me through the race as though it was happening right there and then. Using visualisation and other powerful techniques, Audrey was able to give me the tools I needed to complete Ironman and fulfil my ambition.

She is awesome!


Pauline, Manly. Sydney

I had been suffering from eczema for nearly 3 years, around my eyes, on my arms and on my legs. I had tried everything to get rid of it, when a friend recommended I see Audrey.

I went there not entirely convinced at first, but Audrey immediately put me at ease and managed to develop a trusting environment. After 3 sessions only, my eczema gradually became better until it totally disappeared. I still can not believe it today!Thank you for changing my life.


Inès, Maroubra, Sydney

Bonjour, my name is Inès and I am 12 years old. Three years ago, I did hypnotherapy and EFT sessions because of the mad panic I was experimenting about fire alarms.

I found the sessions very pleasant and they allowed me to get rid of my extreme fear. By playing games, those sessions taught me why fire alarms exist. After having had those sessions, I have never experimented mad panic about fire alarms ever again.


Anina, Bondi. Sydney

A while ago, I had an accident and I could not work for quite a long period of time after that. I completely lost my confidence, self-belief and self-esteem.

Audrey helped me with EMDR, EFT, NLP and Hypnotherapy to get my confidence back. She worked on my trauma, so I could get back into the workforce. 

She is great, compassionate, very professional and truly cared about me. I am very grateful to her and would recommend her to anyone. Thanks again Audrey for your great help.


John, Sydney

I first went to visit Audrey for a hypnotherapy session as I seemed to be stuck at a point in life where I wasn’t feeling confident about myself and had no idea how to solve my financial problems.

I really wanted to quit my job and study a degree that would ultimately lead me to my dream job.

I had 4 hypnotherapy sessions and came out of them quite sceptical about the whole process.

However, a while later, I had somehow managed to find the courage to quit my previous job and even raised enough money to pay for my studies. It took me a while to accept that the situation I am finding myself now is a result of what I visualised during those hypnotherapy sessions with Audrey.

It certainly has been transformative and I couldn’t be happier with the results!


Laurianne, Maroubra. Sydney

I contacted Audrey as I had to prepare for an exam. This is a very difficult exam, where a 70% score is requested. I needed to study quite intensively, but more importantly, I needed a steel mind. I had doubts in my capacity to succeed and thought I could never reach the 70% mark. I never had confidence in myself and I’ve always panicked in stressful situations.

So first, I had to find self-confidence and positivity if I wanted to succeed.

Thanks to NLP and EFT, I could calmly envision success and manage my stress. I even decided to sit for the exam after a 3 months’ preparation only, instead of the 6 months that I had originally planned. During the hypnotherapy sessions, we pretended I was receiving the good news. In one of the scenarios, I could see myself getting my accreditation certificate in the mail: a stiff green letter, with the NAATI letterhead and, in capital letters, CONGRATULATIONS.

A few months later, I found in my letterbox an A4 envelope containing my accreditation certificate - a stiff green letter, with the NAATI letterhead… and a score of 80%! Magic, really!

Thank you for guiding me and helping me to find ambition and faith in me.

Learn your lessons quickly -and move on.”


E. Caddy