It is a strange thing, is it not, to know that a smoker who wants to quit smoking is fully aware of his/her situation, but he/she is completely unable to do so alone? 

We know that cigarettes rob us of health, sleep, breath, money, well-being, comfort, time, friends, family, etc.  But despite all our good will, our determination and our desire to do away with it, the insidious cigarette maintains its grip over our lives.


Actually, this behaviour is not so strange if we consider that compulsion is a phenomenon which takes place beyond the conscious mind… Consequently, the only way - except rare exceptions - to be able to easily quit smoking / vaping is to work with the unconscious mind.


Hence the increasingly recognised success of hypnotherapy in this field. This gentle and effective method allows you to quit smoking in three 1h30 sessions. 

The program is as follows:

. 1st session  : Week 1 - neurological pathway modified

. 2nd session : Week 2 - strengthening of the new behaviour learnt in session 1

. 3rd session  : Week 3 - "booster" - reinforcing sessions 1 and 2 


Now, we are not only talking about “standard” cigarettes here, but also about electronic cigarettes. In Australia, from January 1st 2021, it will be illegal to import and buy electronic cigarettes or refills containing liquid nicotine, unless you have a prescription from your doctor - needless to say that you will have to meet very specific conditions to obtain such a prescription. If you order liquid nicotine or electronic cigarettes abroad, you will be liable to a fine of up to AU $ 220,000  -whether or not you have a prescription!

Maybe there has never been a better time than now to quit smoking - standard or electronic cigarettes, has it?


What happens during the sessions ?
1st session:

  1. Along with a cup of tea/herbal tea/coffee, presentation of the session 

  2. Questions about your smoking habits in order to help you become a non-smoker

  3. Explanations regarding addictions, habits etc

  4. Hypnosis - resting, listening without really listening

  5. Welcome back!


The 2 following sessions will help reinforce the instructions given to your unconscious:

  1. Along with a cup of tea/herbal tea/coffee, checking on the "new you" as a non-smoker

  2. Hypnosis - resting, listening without really listening

  3. Welcome back!

Conclusion: quite an enjoyable experience, totally painless, that will allow you to change your life radically… Finally!

Cost: 2h00 - $250

Session N°1, week 1
Session N°2, week 2

Session N°3, week 8

Why 3 sessions to quit smoking

Studies done in the US have shown the following figures  - success rate after 6 months :

  • With only one session : 25 - 40 % of the clients

  • With 2 sessions           : 35 - 50 % of the clients

  • With 3 sessions           : 65 - 80 % of the clients

Serenity Hypnotherapy & Coaching

Audrey Vallat

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Lifr 

Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy,

Regression Hypnosis

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