“Imagine you are floating

in an ocean of serenity, an ocean of possibilities...

The person who knows how to laugh at himself

will never cease to be amused.

Shirley Maclaine


"Audrey is blessed with that wonderful mesmerising French accent, and it turns out that not only is it delightful to listen to, it also smoothly catapults you into a deep level hypnosis: while the conscious mind is distracted by the accent, the unconscious mind is free to absorb the powerful messages of change. And this is the actual process of hypnotherapy: to distract the conscious in order to communicate with unconscious."

I grew up in France and studied the Classics (French literature, Latin and Greek) then International Business. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel to many countries. However, Australia was where I had decided, at the age of 17, that I would move to. And everything fell into place for this to happen within a few years. Since then, not a day goes by without my being grateful to live in ‘the lucky country.’ Grateful for the profound well-being that one feels here, the deep blue sky like nowhere else, the kindness of the people, the walks on the cliffs in winter -with whales in the distance- or the beach in summer -with dolphins, a bit closer…


Yet, quite rapidly, I resumed my studies and abandoned my career in International Business to become a professional translator and medical interpreter in Sydney hospitals for French speaking patients. My role is to help the English speaking medical staff and the French speaking patients to communicate - and to understand one another! Over the years, my long term career in the healthcare industry has brought me invaluable experience in dealing with individual needs and unexpected situations, gaining the trust and respect of my patients and the medical staff I work with. I am known as a highly attuned communicator, warm and compassionate -with a good sense of humour!





However, I’ve always had a long interest in the powers of the mind. Fascinated by neuroscience and neuroplasticity, the subconscious, hypnosis and all kinds of ‘strange’ subjects, I have devoured hundreds (literally) of books over the past twenty years. I have also followed various trainings and I have finally resumed my studies -again. For almost ten years now, with an Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT and EMDR, I have been offering my services to adults and children, in person in Sydney and online across the world, with the personal challenge of changing my clients' lives in just a few sessions.

And I can say that with so many mind-blowing results obtained in so many different fields (trauma, addiction, phobia, anxiety, exams, career, sports performances, self-confidence…), I know now I can help on a different level, using my “futurist approach” and adapting my techniques to each person’s specific needs. 

Neuroscience has made substantial progress over the past two decades and demonstrates that the work done with our subconscious / supra-conscious / infinite intelligence (whichever name you opt for) is real.

My greatest hope would be to see these modern techniques taught in schools. Imagine the well-being that children would experience if they were given tools that would allow them to develop self-confidence, self-love, self-esteem and self-respect. Techniques to fight anxiety or bullying - or better yet, to suppress one person's desire to harass another person! Tips for passing exams. And the capacity to project oneself in the future by imagining being there, having succeeded, without any barriers, obstacles or limitations... What kind of children would we have in our schools? What kind of teenagers in our high schools? What kind of students in our universities? And what kind of adults in everyday life? It makes you wonder, doesn’t it…?





  • QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) - Dolores Cannon  

  • Advanced Diploma of Hypnotherapy and NPL, EFT and EMDR* at the Australian College of Hypnotherapy. Sydney.

      *NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programming; EFT: Emotional Freedom Tapping; EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitisation and                         Reprocessing.

  • Modern hypnosis and NLP training and certification courses with the American school Tad James Co. Sydney, and the English institute Uncommon Knowledge.

  • NAATI** Accreditation as an Interpreter and Translator (English and French, level III professional level). Sydney (www.Frenchparexcellence.com.au)
    **National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters.


  • Master’s degree in International Business (English / Spanish). Paris.



Member of the associations:

  • IMDHA - International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association

ICTT - International Institute for Complementary Therapists



The people who make a difference in your life

are not the ones with the most credentials,

the most money or the most awards.
They simply are the ones who care most.

Emily Waulker